Okay so should we start?

After a little hiatus Melon Card is back on the table and we are looking for a few more candidates for the pilot of our program.

We are building out the platform for capturing and redeeming points and promotions. This project shoudl be complete soon, so we are starting to look for Boise Idaho area service businesses who would like in on the ground floor of this.

Let me run through the details;

  • We will administer the loyalty program offered through your business.
  • Customers will collect points per purchase. As the business owner you are able to set the details around these points and the cost per point.
  • After a customer visits 10, 15, 20 times they will have accumulated enough points to redeem a free service or product.
  • At the same time they will be banking points to redeem as cash put towards a charity of their choose, screened and verified through our system.


This is a winning scenario all the way around. You get repeat customers who are not only rewarded for their patronage, can further pass along a little help to someone in need. It gets even better, as the business owner you are able to write off all donations, as they will be made under your name.

I’ve been consulting with a number of business owners about how this could best work. I want to thank them all and even the ones who’s industry might not quite fit this model, such as a Boise Towing Company, Tow Boise. They helped a ton in getting this program back on track and defining the model a bit further. In fact they may even use this loyalty program to entice local auto chops to refer tows to them.

There are so many applications and we think the benefits are numerous. Contact us to find out more and get started.


Welcome: Melon Card

Welcome to┬áMelon Card a new concept for customer loyalty. We’ve all heard of loyalty cards which reward the customer with a free drink or service discount. We wanted to take that concept and mix it with a sense of social responsibility.

This card is ment not only to reward the client or customer with your special offer, additionally for every ten purchases your clients will earn credits. These credits can be redeemed for certain donations to the disadvantage around the world.

This is a win-win-win proposition. Allowing the business to maintain customer loyalty, the customer to earn rewards while also allowing the customer to help make a difference around the world.

Stay tuned for further details and instructions on how you can join the movement.